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all R.O.B.O.T.&T and X.B.I. updates on this site are not real I am just using my imagination and putting on here so I have something to post just so you know.

Here is the Resume

Anyone Who would like to be a member of the X.B.I. look at and fill out this resume.

Xander’s agents



Date of birth:

Student Id:


Have you been in any gangs with bad guys: yes no


Have you used dark magic in the past: yes no


are you a good darkness hunter? yes no


you good at computers? yes no


you good at guarding? yes no


you will get a letter in a days time and it will give you the answer of whether or not you got the job and if you got the job you will get your post of what you’re doing in the job.




my signature saying you got the job_____________________________________

then send a filled out copy to: