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all R.O.B.O.T.&T and X.B.I. updates on this site are not real I am just using my imagination and putting on here so I have something to post just so you know.

B.O.T. car update

We have new technology that you will want to get for your car so you don’t have to plug it in when it is in use.

The technology is a automatic charger when the car is off it will charge it automatically and if it is not done charging when you turn it on it will continue charging it and add more charging when it is off.


B.O.T. car upgrades

we upgraded the cars so come in and get it.

the upgrade is that it is no longer running on just gas it is now a 90% electricity 10% natural gas mixture it comes with a charging cord you have to plug it in every time you are not using it or we can’t guarantee it will start so if it doesn’t start because give us a call and we will come and extract the current mixture and put more in.

WARNING: do not put any more natural gas or ethanol gas in or when you start up the car it WILL explode.

We are the only ones that can put in the mixture we will do it if it loses its ability to charge or otherwise.

B.O.T. Car update

we got a new update so that it will be easier to log in we will tell you all about it when you visit us to get it installed.

Windoras and Pear computer company’s have successfully merged to windorapear

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Windoras is Hiring 2,000,000,000,000 people so we can go out of business

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Windoras 82this picture before I edited it was from


R.O.B.O.T.&T stands for Robotic Object Bionic Obeying Transportation & Technology

B.O.T. car upgrades

so we said that we installed a tablet to do the work instead of all the buttons and gears well here it is

 this picture is from

this has an app store so that you can put what apps you want on it the tablet has a setup you can enter your phone setting into it and install the auto start app for your phone and it has your email settings so you can get apps from other devices you have but it has to be a tablet and no data will be saved unless the app says it has auto data transfer settings.

Then you input 6 pins for extra security and go into the car app and put a password a 7th pin and security questions for security.

and then you have these settings to play with

inside the car buttonthis picture is from

this is inside the car button it also has a fly land brake so you can land and still be in fly mode. We just couldn’t fit it in the picture. Jidify means you can go through things without a wreck (I only recommend using this if you are about to be in a wreck or you are flying). The Brake button is also in this page but again we couldn’t fit it into the picture.

here is an example of what the phone app will look like

Phone auto start app this picture is from

it also has a lock and unlock setting so your car won’t be stolen. In this app you have to input the password, pin & security questions you set up in the car app on you car tablet to start your car don’t worry if you already setup your phone to connect to your car you should have the password and pin set in the app already. Remember to get this app before you pare your phone to your car or what I said just before this reminder won’t work.

Thank you for purchasing

a B.O.T. car.


Whats new to B.O.T cars

we added a tablet to the car and more security9d916765d218a21d156129369f8ce432this picture is from